1989 Dodge Ram 350 Van - $15,500 - Windsor, Pennsylvania

by Conred
(Windsor, PA USA)

5/21/11 - This is a Dodge 1 ton van with a high-top conversion and 65,573 miles. It is equipped with a Yamaha powered Coleman BlackMax Generator that creates enough electricity to operate a Fricon six-flavor dipping cabinet, 2 flavor Donper Slushie machine, Danby novelty chest freezer, small refrigerator, rooftop air conditioning, cash register, hot water heater, and lighting. This truck has a sink with hot and cold pressurized running water. It also has cab air conditioning and CD driven PA system to broadcast ice cream chimes or whatever else you have in mind. There are also lots of cabinets for storage. Interested parties should contact Conred at 717-515-2372. All this unit needs is stock and it is ready for ice cream season!

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